Here is a free multiplayer game about eating dots. The ultimate big-jerk strategies are employed as we relentlessly run the server until we get tired of it. Disastrous mistakes are easily remedied through our teamwork. KillerEmcee (Tsarist Russia), Rhybon (Moms Spaghetti), Smite (Steam). From Sonic to Shenmue, find all your favorite Sega titles in one place – sega rpg games online. Start playing now!

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This game is free, you can play it here: . It has been getting constant updates so the current version is going to be a little different than what we’re playing here.

Game mechanics: You can absorb dots/players that are below 90% of your size to grow. The bigger you are, the slower you move and your mass decays away over time. You can split in half to propel one half of you forward very quickly; you can do this until you are in 16 small bits. It takes time before you can re-merge (based on how large your pieces are). There are mines on the field which you can hide in until you’re larger than them. They explode you into many pieces if you’re larger than them. You can shoot a tiny blast forward at cost which can be used to split a mine, throwing a new one in that direction (ideally into a big target). Mines in this version become regular dots if you’re already in 16 pieces.