I have to go because the prophecy said so. The titans of the glory war were never surprised by the actions of the mongols, but as soon as the renounced governor gave is his speech, he left. All in all, the benefits of sacrificing my crown are quite indulging.

It’s crazy, I’ve been playing this game since it came out. I remember the day when agar.io mobile was released: my little brother showed me and I got addicted the first time I played it. I’ve been actively playing agar.io from that day (about five years). The most amount of time I took off from playing agar.io was like 2 weeks lol – don’t roast me. I know that seems like I had no life, but agar was like the only game I actually had fun playing. Most kids hopped on xbox/playstion/fortnite or stroked their wood but I played AGAR.IO. Fast forward to now, it kinda got boring. I still could upload it, but that would defeat my purpose of doing YouTube. I started youtube because I liked playing agar.io… I don’t anymore lol.

my next video: victoria’s secret try on haul