Guide on how to play agar io

Guide on how to play agar io

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design. An unknown amount of opportunities is compensated by competition with people. They are capable of creating unexpected scenarios of behavior. That is why skillful fans think over tactics and share them with beginners for free. Let’s find the answer on how to play agar io.

Frequent recommendations

Frequent recommendations

Don’t go too close to the borders

Never let yourself be pinched in a corner. One enemy can be outwitted. It’s already more difficult with two because borders can limit maneuvers.

The virus can save

They do not harm in the early stages of growth. Hide from huge opponents behind them. Otherwise, the bacterium will break up into many small parts. It reduces the ability to defend.

Lots of little baits

Two or four copies keep high movement speed. But they attract the attention of hefty enemies. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the reaction rate. Need to wait until the opponent starts to absorb the smallest. Then gather into a single organism and crush another bacterium in size.

Various split attacking

There are so many attacks that they have their own names. Good examples:

  • This is a controlled vertical or horizontal fragmentation. Some tricksters go into a short AFK state to split themselves in the right direction. To do this, move the cursor to the center of the cell and split it into four.
  • The trick is in the size of the parts when the smaller one is close to the virus. Any contact with the spiked circle will affect the dimensions. Then need to attack with the main cell and carry out the absorption.

Another answer to the question of how to play agar io

play agar io

Any tactics do not matter if they are not practiced online. Just spend more time in the game with fun. Need to get used to the fact that not all players act on the basis of logic. Some of them may give in because they rest in this way. Others will do their best to win. The ultimate kart racing experience is here! Play Smash Karts now and become a champion.

Has everything been thought of before us?

In a confrontation where every degree is important, anything can happen. A cool gamer should be able to adapt to the conditions in the dish. New modes will help with this when the number of group members becomes important. In this case, new techniques can get the name of their creators. Then beginners will already ask them how to play agar io.