What agar io mods to try and why?

What agar io mods to try and why

What do you do if the game gets tired after a while? Once upon a time, there was an interest in reconfiguring the mechanics or the visual. Not so popular anymore, but able to continue the fun of some projects. The browser hit did not escape this fate and gave us free agar io mods.

What needs to be installed?

Many improvements work through browser extensions. Tampermonkey is considered the best way to activate upgrades. Available in various surfers or has identical analogs. After installing the plugin, download the mod and add it to the code. A few manipulations offer to forget what was before and play in a new way.

What needs to be installed

Most requested agar io mods

There are more than a hundred scripts that offer one or two features. More convenient packs affect a number of improvements. The most useful with many options:


  • Set up personal servers
  • Shows the edges of the map
  • Modifications for viruses
  • Indicates the radius of the enemy’s body and split
  • Allows to use additional appearance and customize
  • Support bots to protect the player

Evergreen Script

This extension adds sound effects and music, as well as the ability to use third-party skins and backgrounds. It is worth noting that only those players who have the same add-on installed will see the covers. In addition, the mod provides more advanced statistics than the original entertainment.


Control management. Instead of a cursor, there will be a crosshair. The shot does not depend on the direction of movement. There are settings for the keyboard and mouse.


New improvements to come

Online and offline agar io mods can be used for yourself or against other opponents. This is an opportunity to create a cool and unusual image of a familiar hit. As in other projects, one can get a ban for direct interference in the competitive process. Because of this, gamers create their own isolated servers, where they test innovations. Another reason is the emergence of similar sites, but with good features. We furthermore recommend playing one of the best free online Atari Jaguar Emulator Games at https://de.emulatorgames.onl/jaguar.